A Spark Changes Everything


She was drawn back to the BeadforLife table and couldn’t stop looking at and thinking about the ‘Spark’ Bracelet Set. It would make the perfect gift for Miss M, a single mom who had become very special to her. But would it be too much? Too personal?

The idea is that your friend wears one bracelet and you wear the other one. It comes with a card so you can write what she sparked in you; the bracelets become a reminder of the connection you share:

A spark changes everything. Think about the first time someone recognized in you a spark, a talent you hadn’t yet seen in yourself. Remember the way your heart soared when you felt the power of what you could do and be. Celebrate the spark and the woman who sparked something in you with a matching bracelet set featuring a beautiful pewter charm engraved with the word “spark” – a reminder of the connection you share. Each set comes attached to a gift card that features the story of the spark that was ignited in you

At the annual Gifts That Give Hope Fair, there are so many beautiful items to consider purchasing as presents for those in our lives, but this had a special, personal meaning for both of them.

We started walking beside Miss M two years after meeting her through our outreach initiative to those who work in the sex industry. Since last fall, we’ve been watching a transformation take place her heart and life. She freely shares her story about a childhood riddled with crack houses, raised by a mom who worked the streets as a prostitute to get drug money, sexual abuse, and severe neglect. Her grandparents became her only safe people and her lifeline. When they both passed away, she felt lost and alone, except for her kids.

She entered into OurBE program last fall and has become an integral part of our sewing team. She had never sewn before, yet she is now our best seamstress! She worked hard to learn the basics and comes to our training center every week to sew pillowcases and iron fabric. She is dedicated to helping further develop our new initiative and keep it moving forward.

We watched this new spark come into her eyes when she realized that sewing was a skill she never knew she had. She could create something beautiful with her very own hands and with a sense of dignity. When she’s sewing with us, she is no longer that person who needs to sell herself on stage or in the VIP room. The confidence she has gained, and knowing that she now sees herself as a seamstress, is priceless.

Yes, this ‘Spark’ bracelet set was perfect – Jenn could write what she had seen sparked in Miss M’s life as an encouragement. Therefore, she couldn’t resist purchasing this very special Christmas gift. Miss M was so touched when she received it; she publicly posted her thoughts on Facebook:

“I’ve been working with these ladies whom I grew to love so much. Yesterday I received this from Jenn. I want to thank you for believing in me, because it really means a lot to me ❤ Things in my life are slowly getting better with the help of the ladies I work with. I know God puts people in your life for a reason and I’m so blessed to have these ladies in my life. I love you all! Thank you for believing in me!”

A spark changes everything.

We’ll be set up, showcasing Miss M’s pillowcases and purses, right beside BeadforLife, at this year’s Gifts That Give Hope Fair on December 10, 2016 – it’s not too early to mark it on your calendar now. We hope to see you there!