Tammy Stauffer

Tammy Stauffer serves as Executive Director of She’s Somebody’s Daughter, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about sexual exploitation, and leads outreach to those caught in the sex industry.

Currently, as part of She’s Somebody’s Daughter outreach efforts, she developed ‘Our Beautiful Exchange’ for ladies in Central PA who are looking for a different way of life.

Tammy first became aware of sex trafficking in 2009 and developed an initiative against human trafficking called Exit 58 for a ministry within the trucking industry. Since then she has worked with three other organizations on various projects in the developmental stages.

Working with an organization in Nashville, TN, Tammy helped to develop and implement a nationwide awareness initiative to address the connections of pornography and sexual exploitation, an initiative which turned into She’s Somebody’s Daughter. 

Her ultimate vision and mission is to build a community of love and hope around those caught in sexual exploitation.

She has traveled across the country to network with like-minded individuals and organizations, and shares presentations about the connections between human trafficking, prostitution, and pornography, while advocating for human dignity.

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