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Working together, we can make a difference!

Practical Monthly Needs
For our training center:
  • Water bottles 
  • 6-packs: soda, vitamin water, energy drinks, iced teas
  • Keurig coffee – variety 
For outreach:
  • Body spray, sanitizer wipes, personal hygiene products (no hotel items) 
  • Snacks (individual packs of cookies, chips or crackers)
  • Bite size chocolates ~ individually wrapped


  • Grocery gift cards (any amount appreciated)
  • Gas gift cards (any amount appreciated)
OurBE Wish List
  • Serger (sewing machine) 
  • Professional needs:
    • Social Media
    • Grant writing
  • We NEED and accept USED CARS to offer to single moms and ladies who are in need of transportation to make a job change. Please contact us if you have a car, one that passes inspection, that you’d be willing to donate. It is a tax-deductible gift.   

Thank you for considering making a gift donation to OurBe to honor the women we serve. Learn more about OurBE Gift Guidelines here.

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