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Sisters walking together.

You are here. This means you have some level of interest in making changes in your life and taking steps towards walking away from the commercial sex industry. Our prayer for you is that you will keep looking ahead and reaching out to those who care about you and want to see you succeed.

“Sometimes when people try to fight to get back up, they need help. If they don’t get support and help, they give up because it’s easier than to keep trying. I would have given up long ago if it wasn’t for SSD/OurBE.”

“Your organization has done so much and I can’t even find the words to say thank you!  It makes me more determined to keep trying because of all the help and support your team has given me.”

Our goal is to be a bridge to area resources to meet the needs we all face at some time in our lives. We see ourselves as a stepping stone, getting from one tough spot to a better place, as we walk together and find solutions that fit your current needs.  


  • attended court hearings offering moral support
  • covered certain dental and medical expenses
  • assisted ladies in need of groceries or transportation
  • navigated housing options in the area
  • provided emergency shelter as needed
  • worked on resumes
  • enjoyed girls’ lunches out
  • reimbursed for GED testing
  • researched best job opportunities

Our mission: it is our desire to support and provide opportunities to ladies who are out or transitioning out of the commercial sex industry and/or have experienced sexual abuse or trauma. We can provide an opportunity to learn new skills, earn supplemental income and a job experience to add to your resume and work history. This can be accomplished through one of our project initiatives such as making jewelry or sewing.

First Step:

Creating a Personal Goal Plan (based on short-term goals leading to long-term goals) is the first necessary step so we can explore together what your greatest needs are and how we can best support you to reach new goals. You will help determine next steps and goals as we dream together about a beautiful new future.

The intake process will develop and become finalized during your initial weeks of involvement with OurBE should you agree to enter in and commit to your Personal Goal Plan*.

In that process, you will become part our community of love and hope, and will benefit from the support of other staff, mentors, and team members.

While working with us, you will have access to additional opportunities which can include help with resumes, life skill classes, counseling referrals, medical and dental referrals, grocery assistance as determined, and other ways that will be supportive as you take steps towards your individual life plan.

*Example PGP might include: studying for GED classes while working with OurBE, studying for driver’s test, having a concrete plan for groceries which includes food stamps and food banks, weekly check-in with mentor.

Dear Daughter, read a letter from our executive director written just for you.

Please contact us and let’s start the conversation. Your inquiry will be kept confidential and will only be viewed by those on our central support team -those who already care and want to be there for you.

If you would prefer to talk to someone personally, call or text us at 717-422-2488.

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