Recovery Theme : Love


Recovery Theme: Love

A True Love Story: Ruth and Boaz

You know that gnawing feeling you get when you’re really hungry? It reminds me of the very real pain we feel when we’re hungry for love. And all of us are hungry for love.

When we stray from legitimate and healthy ways to feed our love hunger, our compulsive/addictive behaviors rear their ugly heads, we make destructive choices and next thing we know, we are headed down those wrong paths… again.

After her husband died, Ruth knew what it was like to lose love and also to be hungry for such a basic thing as food. She needed to feed herself and her family – her mother-in-law.

I love the vision of Ruth curling up at the feet of Boaz, as was the custom in this land and time, taking a risk to ask him for love, protection, and care. That’s what Jesus invites us to do. Curl up at his feet. Not only will he be glad to find us there, he will also provide for us, as he protects and loves us.

How? Just like with Ruth, as she searched and worked for food in a new land, she trusted God to provide for her, and in the process, she found love. Food was provided, protection was ordered, and a relationship naturally developed. She followed ‘protocol’ if you will, and in turn received all that she needed, plus some.

It wasn’t an overnight fix. She worked through harvest time, which meant days turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into a season.

Hindsight really is 20/20. When we look back at a season in our lives, we can either see God at work providing for and protecting us….or we will recognize defining moments when we turned away from Him. We can, and should, choose to trust Him enough to take risks to be loved and have our needs met.

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