Grant Me Serenity ~ Self Perception


serenityprayerOne of the resources we use within OurBE is the Life Recovery Bible. We’ve handed them out to friends, to patrons at adult businesses, and for family members struggling with addiction issues.

If you need one, let us know! We’d love to give one to you.

I started using it in the mornings for my own devotional time so I could become familiar with it at a personal level.

Today I read about self-perception and was reminded that it takes a balanced view of ourselves to keep moving forward, no matter what our struggle might be.

This self-perception issue is a big one. We need to be honest with and about ourselves, but if we only focus on our bad qualities or mistakes we’ve made, then we can’t see the good in ourselves. It literally becomes a hurdle and we tend to get stuck.

But! Since we’ve all been created in God’s image, this means that excellence and dignity are inherent qualities in each of us! No matter how bad we think we are, there is a heck of a lot of good in us, too!

Try this. Instead of spending ten minutes beating yourself up for messing up, keep it to three minutes, and use the remaining seven minutes to recognize the good in you and the progress you are making!

I’ll share more about what I’m learning as I use this Bible each week. If you’re interested in discussing things like at a deeper level, consider attending our 1st Monday Dinner and Discussion nights. Find more info about this event on our site.